About Us

D&H, a subsidiary of NRH Holdings Limited, is a specialist mobile solution provider for the education, training and publishing industry. D&H designs and builds mobile solutions, and offers a full range of skills and experiences in all aspects of mobile learning solutions from implementation to platform management. D&H’s aim is to help our clients enjoy the full benefits of mobile technologies.

D&H is working with schools, colleges, universities and all kinds of training and publishing corporations to deliver mobile learning contents to their students. D&H also works in a strategic partnership with the NRH Group to ensure the products it develops are leading edge.

Beyond the delivery of learning content via mobile handsets, D&H also promotes the concept of Learning 2.0 - interactive learning, between students and students or between students and tutors, anywhere and at any time. The concept of interactive learning is really beyond the bounds of the classroom;it is on during every step of our walking, at every corner of the country and in every second of the day.

Our apps are Mobile

Our apps can be taken with you anywhere to study in class, at home, while on-the-go, on a train or a flight at any time.

Our apps are Convenient

We have apps available on mobiles and tablets. All data and performance remains in sync across all platforms to provide a seamless experience.

Our apps are Social

Our apps go beyond just online forums. We provide social analytics, reputation based Q&A and location-based offline study groups to facilitate collaborative learning.

Our apps are Competitive

We help students identify their true peer groups and provide school, city, and country-level leader boards to create a game-like learning environment.

Our apps are Affordable

You don't have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on expensive preparation programs. You get all this value at the price of a book or less.

Wireless learning, limitless learning.