Our Team


Nigel Hazell, Chairman

Nigel spent the first 20 years of his career in the financial services industry. He has held executive positions in the fields of finance, marketing, actuarial, corporate development and investment, and been a director of companies in the UK, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Since 2003, Nigel has established and built up several businesses within Asia, mostly in the education field which he continues to oversee. He serves as a non-executive adviser to D&H on its business strategy. He also serves as the non-executive Chairman of a major pensions company in Hong Kong.


Huan Huang, Director

Huan is in charge of branding and marketing in D&H. Huan was a quantitative analyst at various hedge funds and banks prior to starting D&H. Huan has extensive experiences working with data, statistics, models as well as the IT support systems. Huan graduated with a B.A. in Economics in China Institute of Finance, now the Finance Institute at University of International Business and Economics. Huan also got an M.A. in statistics from the University of Oxford.


Kiran Patel, Business Development Adviser

Kiran has been based in China since 2003 and is highly active in the Asia education management consulting space, currently serving as a Director and General Manager for an Education Management company in Beijing. He serves as anon-executive adviser to D&H on its business development strategy.