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Are you intimidated at the prospect of giving presentations? Do you ask yourself "where do I begin?" Do you wish that you could create and present a stylish, compelling and influential message easily and seemingly effortlessly? Do you find yourself saying yes to most of these questions? Well if that's the case, then this easy to use flashcard app is just for you and will give you a solid platform to develop your presentation skills further.


- You can pause and replay audio at any time;
- You can flag slides;
- You can make notes when studying.

The Learning Institute, a division of the NRH group, has been providing specialised training to executives, students and individuals in China for over 4 years. Owned and managed by a team of British nationals and supplemented by an excellent local team, The Learning Institute offers a teaching style and service balanced to suit the needs of both Chinese locals and foreigners alike. All of our courses are tailor made to suit the students' needs, whether they are looking to pass an exam, communicate with foreign enterprises or simply improve themselves. For language training our teachers are qualified native speakers of the target language and all of our teachers are specially trained to work under the TLI methodology.

We offer a wide range of courses from foreign languages to soft skills training and compliment our classes with high quality materials selected specially for the individual course. If you are interested in developing your skills, why not contact us today and let us provide you with a personal proposal.

Room 4025, Xin He Building, No.14 Sanyuan Li Street, Beijing 100027 P.R.China


+86 10 6467 7187

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