Question Bank

A comprehensive and up-to-date after-chapter-study question booklet for CFA Level I candidates (of 2010, update for 2011 is coming soon) from specialized training company Quartic. It covers all 10 subjects with 400 questions (full version). By finishing these questions, you will have a thorough understanding of all necessary knowledge for the CFA Level I exam and build a solid foundation for the mock exams study phase.

"Quartic CFA Chapter questions for Level I" covers:

- Ethics
- Quantitative Methods 
- Economics
- Financial Reporting Analysis 
- Corporate Finance 
- Portfolio Management  
- Equity Investments 
- Fixed Income Investments 
- Derivatives
- Alternative Investments 

All multiple-choice question design and click on the final large button to get your mark and to see correct answers on each section. The "About" section will give you a secret code for £100 discount on qualifying Quartic training courses.

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