English Grammar in Use Activities HD

- Go further with grammar

A massive bundle of fun grammar activities with imagery and sound, written specially for intermediate learners of English. Turn spare time into study time, and strengthen your grasp of grammar.

- English grammar in use

Based on the world’s best-selling grammar book by Raymond Murphy, relied on by millions across the world.

- 2,800+ Activities

Structured into 16 grammar areas and 145 units, to help shape your learning.

- Audio & Recording

Hear questions spoken aloud. Record your own voice and compare.

- Glossary

Tap a word for its definition. No more confusion.

- Smart Learning

You can view statistics of past attempted exercises and scores, and send these to your friends or teachers via email.

- Random Exercise

Given the time you have at hand, you can randomly select a predefined number of questions and do a quick quiz.

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